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The New Campus Events + Entertainment

When many people across the campus or community hear staff from the University Unions talk about our alumni, the first question is often "who are Union alumni?". Alumni of a university are most commonly attributed to an academic unit or major. However, here at the University Unions, we feel that we have an alumni base that stems from our connection with the students who were actively involved in our student groups and committees and who learned valuable leadership skills through their participation in those groups.

Campus Events and Entertainment
Campus Events + Entertainment

Historically, these groups have ebbed and flowed in many incarnations from the early days as the Union Activities Council to the Texas Union Committee and most recently the Student Events Center. Regardless of the organization name or the individual committees it is comprised of, they are committed to providing the highest quality of event programming and leadership learning opportunities for our students.

Most recently, this group was the Student Events Center. It consisted of fifteen committees and cultural groups. Throughout the recent academic years, the students underwent a complete and thorough self study. They examined what was working in the current model and also where they could make improvements to better serve the student body as a whole and increase their impact. From this self study a new structure, name and programming model was born – Campus Events + Entertainment.

The new Campus Events + Entertainment, or E+E as it is referred to by our students, is now comprised of ten committees that optimize resources and student interests to provide the highest quality of service and events for the student body. Director of Student Programs, Jennifer Zamora said of the restructuring, "After almost a year of evaluating, planning and preparing, the launch of E+E’s new brand was well received across campus. It helped us welcome close to 13,000 students to our 64 events during the Fall 2013 semester alone."

In addition to an organizational change, the E+E offices in the Texas Union are undergoing a remodel as well. We look forward to showing you all of E+E’s accomplishments, exciting events and new space in the year to come!

Newsletter Edition: 
January 2014