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The Wm. Andrew Smith, Jr. Grasp Award

This past year, the University Unions Advisory Council undertook a fundraising project to raise $25,000 to create the Wm. Andrew Smith, Jr. Grasp Award to honor Andy Smith, our current executive director, for his 27 years of service to the Unions. This award will feed into the existing Grasp Award, a previous Council project, and supplement the amount that is given to the winning student.

The award is given to students who are active in the University Unions Student Events Center (now Campus Events & Entertainment) and can demonstrate a financial need that could either negatively impact their studies or ability to stay active in our organization. With the creation of the Wm. Andrew Smith, Jr. Grasp Award, the amount awarded to the deserving student has increased from $500 a semester to $1,250.

To show how positively this award can affect the students, a former award winner writes:

Not only did the award provide me with much needed financial relief, but it also gave me a sense of validation and purpose at UT. This award told me that my work in the Union has real meaning and value, and it motivated me to keep giving back to the student body.

For more information on the William Andrew Smith, Jr. Grasp Award and other student awards from the University Unions, you may visit our webpage about your gift’s impact HERE.

Newsletter Edition: 
January 2014