Events CoSponsorship Board


The Events CoSponsorship Board (ECB) provides a source of funding for registered student organizations at The University of Texas at Austin. ECB provides financial and logistical support for student organizations as they produce quality events. Each Wednesday organizations present their program idea to ECB and their need for the Board's support. Many groups seek ECB funding; because of a limited budget, ECB must decide by deliberation which groups will receive ECB cosponsorship.

Mission Statement

  • To promote programs that mirror the interest of the student body and personify the spirit of the University
  • Administer the University Unions Events CoSponsorship Board with due diligence
  • Develop campus leaders to become better program planners
  • Provide students with a rich variety of diverse programs
  • To further the mission of Campus Events + Entertainment and The University of Texas at Austin


During the Spring semester of 1990, the Student Association proposed a referendum to raise the Student Programming Fee for the Texas Union by $2. A stipulation of the fee raise was that $70,000 would be dedicated as a resource fund to support non-Union student organizations to put on programs. In the Fall of 1991, the Texas Union CoSponsorship Review Board was formed. In the Fall of 2001, the Board was renamed and became the Texas Union Events CoSponsorship Committee with ten standing members. In the Fall of 2013, the Board was renamed as part of the Student Events Center restructure and became the University Unions Events CoSponsorship Board.


Applications for funding are due SIX (6) weeks prior to the event. For events that occur in the first SIX (6) weeks of either the Fall or Spring semester, the application is due in either November or April, depending on the semester in which your event takes place. Check HornsLink for specific early funding due dates, or call the ECB office at (512) 475-6645 for more information. Please submit funding applications to the Student Programs office on the 4th floor of the Texas Union, UNB 4.312. University Unions-sponsored organizations are not eligible for funding.

For more information about the funding process and to access the funding application, check out the ECB organization site on HornsLink.

DigiKnow Screens:

Not applying for funding but want to advertise your event on the DigiKnow Screens in The Texas Union, Student Activity Center, Prufrock's Coffee Shop in the PCL, and Wendy's in Jester Center?

  • Registered Student Organizations, click here. Your request is due by 6pm the Wednesday prior to your 1st Choice week. (NOTE: This link is not for RSOs who have received ECB funding. Please refer to your funding receipt for info.)
  • UT Austin Departments, click here.

Wednesdays, 4-6pm, Texas Union Board of Directors Room (UNB 4.118).

Alex Nguyen '17
Lisa Dela Cruz