1. Student Assistant SAC Ambassador
    Hospitality Desk
    MW 11am-3pm; Sa 8pm-12am, 10pm-3am; Su 11:45am-4pm, 8pm-12am, 11pm-3am - weekends alternate; must be able to work late nights

    The primary role of the Student Ambassadors at the Student Activity Center (SAC) is to assist and provide services to students, faculty, staff, and guests of the building in a professional and friendly manner. This position requires highly effective communication skills, attention to detail, and an ability to assist numerous guests efficiently. Student Ambassadors are integral in directing guests around the building and to other locations on campus. Therefore, candidates for this position should have good awareness of the campus’ changing landscape and all advertised events in and outside of the Student Activity Center.

    Duties and Responsibilities
    • Receive all incoming phone calls to the SAC general information line
    • Receive patrons as they enter into the building
    • Provide available services such as faxing, copying, access to the Student Workroom, and the Comfort Room.
    • Assist in the distribution of tickets for special events.
    • Direct tours of the SAC.
    • Create documents and presentations for various administrative and promotional purposes such as DigiKnow slides and posters.
    • Create imaginative decorations for the building.
    • Assist in traffic control during times when the building has high occupancy.
    • Assist with building evacuations and emergency procedures.
    • Maintain the Hospitality Desk and make sure it remains professional in appearance at all times.
    • Refer patrons to alternate locations if information cannot be found.
    • Assist with all outgoing and incoming mail and e-mail.
    • Assist all full-time SAC staff in various duties and projects.
    • Maintain thorough knowledge of all SAC, University Unions, and campus-wide events.
    • Maintain thorough knowledge of SAC building policies and procedures.

    • Must be available to work alternate weekends.
    • Be able to navigate through information and answer questions about UT and the Austin community. Vast knowledge of the University and the Austin community is a plus.
    • Must be punctual, responsible, team players, problem solvers, organized, engaging, friendly, and upbeat.
    • Strong communication skills are a necessity for this position.
    • Must be approachable and eager to share knowledge about the Student Activity Center and The University of Texas at Austin in person as well as via phone, and written e-mail communication.
    • Be a current student at The University of Texas at Austin.

    • Be a current student at The University of Texas at Austin or other college/university and be registered for at least six (6) credit hours.
    • In addition to the application packet, please submit a resume with all co-curricular involvement and work experience. 

    For information on how to apply, please visit http://utunions.org/jobs.