Dodgeball Tournament

The Student Events Center Tournaments & Games Committee will be hosting one last dodgeball tournament in Anna Hiss Gym. Teams can sign-up in advance at the Student Events Center front desk located on the 4th floor of the Texas Union (UNB 4.312) or by posting the following to our Facebook event page wall:

1) Team captain contact info: Name, EID, & email address.
2) Team Name Team Size (max 8players)

Tournament rules are as follows:
• 5-on-5 Teams
• UT-ID Required
• Each match will be timed (6 minutes)
• 5 players on court per team
• Best 3 of 5 matches

Game Starts
• Referee will start the match with signal
• Teams will line up on the back line before the match
• Players rush to the front, but cannot pass the middle line when getting the ball or that will be an out
• Dodgeballs must be taken to the back court before they are thrown
• You have to take a ball to you back line before you can throw.

During Game
• Referees will call outs, players will not. If the referee does not see a hit the call cannot be contested.
• No passing the balls to your own teammates
• Dodgeballs cannot be held by a player for longer than 20 seconds and the ball must be thrown prior to that
• No foot blocking
• Can’t leave court to avoid being hit
• Can’t leave court to catch ball
• Referee will get all the balls that go out and place them on the back line of the side they went out on
• Player cannot have two balls at one time

After Match
• Switch sides after each match

• Most players on the court at the end of time or all opposing player eliminated

How Are You Out
• If you get hit by the ball
• If you go out of bounds
• If opposing team catch your thrown ball then you are out
• If you hit opposing player on the head
• If you do foot blocking

How to get players back in
• If you catch a ball, the player who threw the ball is out and you can bring in a player from your team that was out

Event Date(s): 
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 6:00pm
Not in the face!!!
Other - See description for details
Free for UT students with valid UTID.
Anna Hiss Gym is located between Speedway and University Avenue adjacent to the Moffett molecular biology building.
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Contact Information
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Eric Boeglin
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