Departmental Requests for Slides on the Unions' DigiKnow Screens (Digital Signage or flat-screen TVs)

The University Unions Digiknow System has digital signage screens in the Texas Union Building (UNB), Student Activity Center (SAC), Prufrock's Coffee Shop in the PCL, and the Wendy's in Jester Center.

At a glance:

  • Slide Size:  1920 pixels wide X 1080 pixels high
  • File format: .jpg (jpeg)
  • Display time: approximately 6 seconds
  • Keep the Slide Simple and Bold
  • Who, What, When, Where, How Much (especially if FREE!), Sponsoring Department & URL or phone # for more info
  • Submit Request 1.5 weeks in advance of the week you would like it run
  • Slides run for 1 week starting on a Tuesday through the following Monday
  • This Service is provided free of charge and without guarantee
  • Questions?: email - digiknows at universityunions dot utexas dot edu

Submit your Slide and Request through our on-line Submission Portal
(EID login required & will open in new window or tab).

The slide should be a 1920 pixel by 1080 pixel RGB jpeg file.  This is a horizontal HD format jpeg.  This is basically the same resolution and orientation of a flat screen TV.  The slide should include the name of the sponsoring organization and as appropriate date, place, time, name of event, and organization website, phone number or email.

For creating a Digiknow slide using Powerpoint, please visit our main page for Digiknows.
Instructions are found on the bottom of the page.

The graphic and all of the information regarding the request must be final at the time of the submission.  Requests should be submitted at least 1.5 weeks prior to the start of your first choice week.  This service is provided without charge and without guarantee.

Each slide in our show will display for 6 seconds with a 1-2 second transition between slides.  Since they are not displayed for too long at a time, we recommend that the type be kept to a minimum and reasonably large.  Rather than list a lot of details, provide a URL web site address, phone number or email address that someone can use to get more information.

Questions should be addressed to the email address above (last bullet point).