Room Cancellations and No Show Policies

If a cancellation is necessary, please notify the reserved venue (Texas Union or Student Activity Center) as soon as possible. Cancellations can be submitted on-line via our virtual reservation system here or by submitting it via an email form here.

Cancellations must be submitted at least two (2) business days (minimum of 48 hours) before the scheduled event to avoid a cancellation charge. Please see the tables below for the charge structures for our rooms as they vary. In addition to processing charges, costs for audio/visual equipment and set-up charges are levied for cancellations that are submitted late.

Organizations that make a reservation in the University Unions and fail to honor it will be considered a "no show". Please note that a second "no show" violation can place an organization on probation. A third no show may result in withdrawal of reservation privileges.

Recently, a peer facility comparison was conducted by the University Unions; it determined that our rates and policies were far lower and more lenient than the selected benchmarks. Despite our efforts to prompt and remind clients about their reservations and of cancellation policies, cancellations and no shows have occurred regularly. This has been of special concern for high occupancy/high demand specialty rooms which experienced numerous late cancellation incidents, negatively impacting our utilization rates.

Based on the study and this pattern, it was concluded that previous rates and policies were not sufficiently prohibitive to prevent late cancellations and no shows.

The following tables demonstrate our updated policies and charge structures:

Room Categories for the University Unions

Category    Rooms
 1              Texas Union Ballroom
                 Texas Union Theater
                 SAC Ballroom
                 SAC Auditorium

 2              Texas Union Quadrangle
                 Texas Union Santa Rita
                 SAC Black Box Theatre
                 SAC Legislative Assembly Room

 3              All Other Rooms   

Cancellation Rate & No Show Policy
Room Category    Charges                           
 1                       Cancellation: $250 if less than 30 days                                                
                          No Show: $300
 2                       Cancellation: $50 - 150 if less than 30 days
                          No Show: $75 - 200
 3                       Cancellation: $10 if less than 2 days
                          No Show: $25

Please see this link to learn of our policies and charge structuring for rooms reserved as Rain Sites.