Registered Student Organization Requests for Slides on the Unions' DigiKnow Screens (Digital Signage or flat-screen TVs)

The University Unions provides opportunities each week (Tuesday-Monday) for Registered Student Organizations to advertise student-focused, student-produced events and activities on campus open to all UT students on the University Unions digital screen system (DigiKnow).  Approved advertisements will run for 7 days.  Locations of the screens are throughout the Texas Union, Student Activity Center, Jester Wendys, and Prufrock's.

Please read the following parameters:

  • Screen space may be requested for a ONE WEEK PERIOD only.
  • University Unions is not responsible for technical difficulties in the event the system goes off-line.
  • Your slide must include the date, time, and location for the on-campus event.  Slide requests will be declined if any of this information is missing, or if additional information is included, such as general information or application deadline information. 
  • The deadline for slide submissions is by 5pm on the Wednesday before your preferred run week.

Technical Instructions:
The slide must be submitted for approval in the following format: 1920 x 1080 pixels widescreen RGB jpeg file.  Your slide request will be declined if it is not in this format.

For creating a Digiknow slide using Powerpoint, please visit our main page for Digiknows.
Instructions are found on the bottom of the page.

Request Instructions:
1. Requests must be submitted via the on-line Submission Portal.
2. You will receive a confirmation via email once you upload and submit your slide using the site.
3. You will receive another email when your request has been either approved or declined by ECB.  If approved, the email will indicate which of your preferred run weeks was selected.  You can also log back into the submission site to see up-to-date information regarding your slide submissions.
4. If you have any problems or are not receiving emails from the site, please call the ECB Assistant at (512) 475-6645.