Do you want to advertise your event in the residence halls? Learn how to do it here.

Our by-laws assist in promoting efficiency among our committees. Check out our current copy here.

Helpful Resources

Helpful hints to get your committee thinking creatively about events to bring to campus.

Budget tips to help keep you on budget.

Assess the effectiveness of your weekly committee meetings.

Tips for learning how to effectively delegate responsibilities.

Meetings can be enormous time wasters. Here are some tips to make yours more productive.

This template will help you make sure all the details of your event are taken care of.

Event planning basics for new leaders, or those needing to get back to the basics.

Hints on ensuring event success.

Six goals to setting committee goals and objectives.

Learn the do's and don'ts to publicizing your event.

Review our tips for effective time management.


Planning an event in the Ballroom? This diagram will help you plan how you will use the space.

This map will help you keep yourself and your members oriented on campus.

This map will help you locate all the approved locations to put up posters and advertise your event.

This map shows the layout of the West Mall