Tuesday Feb. 25
7 to 10 p.m.
William C. Powers, Jr. Student Activity Center Ballroom (WCP 2.410)

Do you want to be the very best like no one ever was? Want to have a fun EEVEE-ning with your friends? Come celebrate all things Pokémon with Campus E+E Recreation at Poképalooza! Activities will include a Pokemon Sword and Shield Tournament, Pokemon Showdown Battles, a Costume Contest, Who’s that Pokemon? Kahoot, crafting, a photo booth, and more! Don’t forget about the Pokemon-themed food & drinks! Contestants must sign up by 7:30pm in order to compete in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Tournament. Players will compete in rounds of battles and have the chance to win awesome prizes (must be a UT student to win!). Whether you have a burning competitive spirit, crave the Pokemon nostalgia, or know nothing at all, we promise you, Poképalooza will be ONIX-pectedly exciting!!!

Disclaimer: In order to compete in the Pokemon Sword and Shield Tournament, you must bring your own Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Sword/Shield Game.