Two illustrated cats with theatre masks, one holding a paint brush, the other with a treble clef
Monday Oct. 26
It's Just a Game: A Dungeons & Dragons Original Radio Play
All-day event
Online - see description for details

What happens when a game goes too far? It's Just a Game is the story of six friends being pulled apart by life that get sucked into a game of Dungeons & Dragons. It's all laughs until they discover that they must complete the game if they want to escape. Things quickly turn serious when they find out that if their characters die in the game, they will die for real. It's Just a Game is a fight for survival and friendship in a game of luck, role-playing, monsters, and magic.

It’s Just A Game is a Radio Play set to premiere on Campus Events and Entertainment’s Spotify and YouTube accounts. Details on how to listen will be coming soon.

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