Freshman Action Team presents Get Fit with F.A.T.

The Student Events Center Events CoSponsorship Committee is proud to cosponsor Get Fit with F.A.T.: Health and Fitness Week.

The Black Student Alliance's Freshman Action Team presents our "Get Fit with F.A.T." Health and Fitness Week. This is a week devoted to raise awareness to two large issues that Americans, college students, and children deal with on an everyday basis in their lives: obesity and diabetes. Since November is Diabetes Awareness Month, these events will take place November 26-30th, after Thanksgiving. This gives people motivation to knock off those holiday pounds while simultaneously bringing awareness to diabetes and obesity. The purpose of Get Fit with F.A.T. is to promote unity by inviting people from different religious, ethnic, and social backgrounds to motivate each other for self-improvement and community service. The week is planned and organized by our learning and growing freshmen leaders within the Freshman Action Team to give them hands-on leadership, organizational, and social experience.

Walk it Out
Everyone is encouraged to avoid riding the buses for one entire day in an effort to raise awareness for diabetes and obesity.  Walking throughout the day also encourages students to make the small changes in their daily routine that can dramatically affect their health and physical fitness.  Students will wear a pedometer or download one on their phones in order to track the amount of steps they took to raise awareness for diabetes and obesity.  BSA will have a discussion about who walked the most around campus and have a presentation about how many calories you lose each step you take through the day and the benefits of walking to campus.  At 7pm, everyone will report to GSB 2.124 for a breakdown of the day's events.  Students will compare steps taken, there will be prizes for the participants, and an educational session promoting the benefits of walking and making small changes in daily habits for better health.  This event will also aid in creating unity by exposing people of different communities around one cause.

Community Service
Freshmen Leaders will orchestrate a health and fitness class for elementary students to instill healthy eating habits and being phyiscally fit in children early in order to prevent childhood obesity that leads to adulthood obesity.  This fitness class will include various activities and games that will stimulate the children mentally and physically while learning quality information about health, fitness, obesity, and diabetes.  This community service also serves to encourage children to attend college and even further apply to the University of Texas at Austin by giving them a positive experience with individuals who represent the campus in a positive light.

Fitness Test - Location TBA
Students come together to see where they rank on the fitness scale.  The line between physically fit and simply just healthy can sometimes be blurred.  In order to better educate students on the differences between physically fit and just healthy, a small group of students will lead a Fitness Testing event that allows students to come together to work out together while also pushing themselves to see how fit they really are.  Before the Fitness Test begins, participants will have their flexibility measured to assess how healthy their body is pertaining to the ability to avoid getting hurt.  Participants will learn how flexibility has a direct correlation with a person's resilience to injuries.  Then, there will be different sections of the Fitness Test that address the areas of the body that Americans are statistically the most unfit.  Participants will record their scores from the fitness test and also from the flexibility measuring before the fitness test.  A Fitness professional will give statistical information about fitness, diabetes, and obesity of students at the University of Texas at Austin compared to other groups.

Join us for the Diabetes Awareness Fair sponsored by the Student Events Center African American Culture Committee.  Click here for more info.

Capture the Essence 2016 - UT Tower 3-4pm
Black Student Alliance's Freshman Action Team will gather its members and freshmen supporters for a day of bonding through a class picture.  The purpose of the photo is to bring people together one last time for the causes of diabetes and obesity while commemorating the success of the week by taking a professional picture for everyone to have.  Students are encouraged to wear burnt orange to visually show that we are united.  Networking time will also be provided after the picture is taken to give students time to mingle and meet new people.  Students will sign up to receive a copy of the picture with a special thank you note from the Freshman Action Team for their support in our cause to raise awareness for diabetes and obesity, encourage students to stay healthy and physically fit, and to unite the different communities with the University of Texas at Austin.

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Monday, November 26, 2012 (All day) - Friday, November 30, 2012 (All day)
Raise awareness for diabetes and obesity by participating in Fitness Week.
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