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The SAC - A Look Back on the First Year

It has been a year and a half since the Student Activity Center opened its doors to campus – and what a time it has been! Students, faculty and staff flocked to the building when it opened and the traffic has not slowed down yet. In the spirit of being a student building,the students have utilized the SAC to their great advantage and immediatelyfelt at home – whether that be cramming for a final in one of the fireplace lounges, relaxing on an oversized cushion on the stairs above the Starbucks, or hosting an event in one of the many meeting room options with one of their organization.

overhead photo of students and family members at SAC
Prospective students and their families gather information at summer orientation in the SAC

To put this into perspective, below are some of the statistics from the 2011-2012 academic year:

SAC Event Summary
Total Number of Events: 4,824
Event Hours: 13,714
Estimated Attendance: 345,508

Event Type
Academic (including classes through Registrar): 724
Career Fair: 10
Ceremony: 39
Conferences & meetings: 2,839
(this includes information sessions, lectures, panel discussions and recruiting events)
Talent Shows & performances: 131
Dance rehearsals & performances: 517
Others (including social, dining): 564

darkened room showing performance at Black Box Theater
Guests listen to a concert in the SAC black box theater

Some notable events held in the building this past year ranged from University traditions, orientations, speakers and new and unique festivals. Examples include: Big Yell, Radio-Television-Film Screening featuring Johnny Depp, the SAC Harry Potter Fest, Latino Leadership Conference, Orange & White Ball and new student orientation.

long line of students waiting for an appearance from Johnny Depp
Students line up outside the SAC to see actor Johnny Depp and a screening of The Rum Diary

As you can see, the students have truly embraced the SAC as another "living room" on campus. We are so pleased with the positive response the building has received and eagerly await the years to come!

Newsletter Edition: 
August 2012