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A New Name For a New Era

by Alumni Relations

When the Texas Union opened its doors in 1933, the idea was to create a space on campus where students could gather to study, discuss, relax and hold events. Seventy-six years later, the Texas Union continues to be a place for students to unwind, hold high-quality events, and develop the skills they need to become leaders on campus and in the community.  However, as the years wore on and the university greatly expanded in number, it became clear that additional space would better suit the needs of the student body. Thus, after much time and effort, the Student Activities Center (SAC) was born.  With the task of managing two buildings, it was decided that a new title for the organization was needed.

On June 1, 2009, it became official that our organization will heretofore be known as the University Unions. The University Unions will encompass both The Texas Union and the Student Activities Center.  Although it is a new name, the University Unions will continue to focus on three crucial elements for students:

Student Life:
to provide amenities such as a food court, lounge space, student media, recreational space and entertainment venues.

Student Leadership
to provide meeting and event space to registered student organizations.

Student-Centered Academic Space
to provide accommodations for both individual and group study.

So please join us in welcoming the next era and the advent of The University Unions to The University of Texas campus.  We strive to be “more than just a building,” or now in this case “more than just two buildings” and hope to have our new name synonymous with creating successful student leaders, meaningful programs and exceptional meeting spaces for the UT campus and community at large.

Written by Megan McMillin

Newsletter Edition: 
July 2010