SAC External Caterers

University Unions Catering is the preferred caterer for the Student Activity Center; however, event sponsor may also contract the services of an external caterer.

The use of an external caterer will be approved only upon the timely submission of the required information to insure that the company has the appropriate experience, permits and equipment to insure that food is prepared, transported and served in a safe manner and within the guidelines established by the Travis County Health Department and The University of Texas at Austin’s Environmental Health and Safety Department.

For all external caterers, the UT Environmental Health & Safety Department Food Distribution Form is required, event sponsor must complete the form at least 15 business days prior to the event.  Then, approval must be emailed to the Student Activity Center Reservations Office at

For catered events that require caterers on-site or occurring in the Student Activity Center Ballroom, a meeting with the event sponsor, external caterer, and SAC events manager will be required.

Event sponsors and external caterers must abide by the following:


Event sponsor and external catering company agree to the following:

  • Provide all appropriate equipment to keep food at proper temperatures in accordance with safe food handling regulations.  Caterers must provide all necessary equipment including, but not limited to serving equipment, transportation carts, warming equipment, etc.
  • MUST clearly identify their company or restaurant by use of signage at the catering site.  The caterer must display their Food Service Permit number on all delivery vehicles, signage, on business cards and on all invoices.
  • Completely clean any and all areas used for both the staging and serving of the event meal.
  • All equipment and left over food must be removed and properly disposed of immediately following the event.  
  • Any damages to the facility or additional housekeeping duties that are the result of the catered event will be billed back to the event sponsor.
  • Kitchens and other areas that fall within the scope of the University Unions Student Activity Center’s health permits are not available for use by an external catering company.  
  • No on-site preparation of food is permitted.  
  • External catering companies may not use hallways, restrooms, lounges or other public spaces as a preparation, staging or serving area.
  • The selling of food on-site is not permitted.  Event sponsors cannot bring an external caterer on campus to sell food at an event.
  • Catering trucks may unload equipment, supplies and food products necessary for their event, and then will be required to move their vehicles to designated parking locations.  If catering trucks are going to be onsite for longer than 10 minutes, the event sponsor /external caterer is responsible for arranging parking with PTS.
  • At no time should the loading dock be used as parking for the catering vehicles.
  • Event sponsor and/or external caterer will be responsible for arranging parking from UT Parking & Transportation Services.  
  • For catered events that require caterers on-site or occurring in the Student Activity Center Ballroom, a meeting with the event sponsor, external caterer, and events manager will be required.


Violations of this policy will result in the placement of sanctions and fines against the event sponsors.

Events with food will be subject to a cleaning fee.

The Student Activity Center staff reserves the right to deny an event sponsor’s catering request based on building standards.