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Food Truck - Special Event Requests

Departments or Registered Student Organizations:

We want to help make your event a great one! Request a food truck(s) for your event by

downloading and completing all information in the Food Truck Special Event Request Form.

ALL requests shall be submitted to University Unions at least four (4) weeks prior to your event.

See list below for our approved food truck vendors for events on UT campus.  NOTE: Only approved vendors are allowed on campus.

Please call University Unions, 512-475-6600, for more information or questions. There is no fee for reserving a food truck for your event; however, please be aware that PTS (Parking and Transportation Services) may require a special event parking permit and the use of an electrician to run power to the potential event site may be required. These will incur charges that are the responsibility of the requesting department or RSO. Additionally, your requested location must be approved before your request can be approved. Please see our list of approved, eligible Food Truck Vendors below.


Updated: 10-08-2019

UT Food Truck Program approved vendors:


Burro Cheese Kitchen

Artisan grilled cheese sandwiches.


Casey's New Orleans Snowballs

New Orleans style shaved ice snowballs. Austin's family-run snowball stand since 1996.


Four Brothers

Venezuelan arepas


Jeano's Gourmates

Incredible homestyle, made-from-scratch Mexican food.


Kona Ice

Shaved Ice and Ice Cream.



Locally owned artisan empanada maker that focuses on fresh ingredients and unexpected flavor combinations.



Serving smoothies, protein bars, and more.



Authentic flavor and taste!

Redfin Seafood

Redfin Seafood Kitchen

Serving fresh, delicious gumbo, tacos, and po'boys.


Roppolo's Pizzeria

Authentic Sicilian style pizza freshly made


Rosarito ATX

Serving Mexican Pacific Seafood, some of the best street food from Baja California.


Shawarma Point

Founded in 2013, eatery serving up authentic New York style Mediterranean cuisine to nice hungry people like you.