About the Arena & Lounge 

The Alienware Longhorn Esports Arena launched in October 2023 and is now open to the campus community! The 3,400-square-foot Arena, located in the Texas Union Underground, is a full-scale gaming space outfitted with 43 Alienware stations, a varsity room, a production center, a console game space and a viewing area.

The Alienware Longhorn Esports Lounge creates an elite gaming environment for students to play, train, and compete at the highest level in esports competitions, locally and globally. The Lounge is located on the main level of the Texas Union and features more than ten gaming stations and a multiplayer console area.

Alienware collaborated and invested in the design and technology of the Arena, just as it did with the Lounge. With these spaces combined, students now have more than 50 stations to use for gaming.

The Lounge & Arena are open to all UT affiliates with a valid UT ID.

Desktop Time Pricing

One Hour

Day Pass

Ten Hour Bundle 

Month Pass (31 days)

Semester Pass 


Who can access the lounge?

You can check-in with either a physical UT ID card, UT EID, or Drivers License number for yourself or from a guardian.

What are the available games?

PC Games

Among Us

Apex Legends

CoD Warzone

CoD Modern Warfare

CoD Modern Warfare 2 [MW2]


Dead by Daylight

Destiny 2

Dota 2

Elden Ring

Escape Simulator

Fall Guys


Genshin Impact

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Halo Infinite


Hunt: Showdown

It Takes Two

League of Legends

Magic the Gathering Arena


Omega Strikers


osu! Lazer

Overwatch 2



Rainbow Six: Siege (steam + Uplay)

Rocket League (steam + epic)

Street Fighter V

Tekken 7

Team Fortress 2



World of Warcraft


Nintendo Switch Games


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

NES/SNES Nintendo Switch Online games

New Horizons

Nintendo Switch Sports

Overcooked 2

SSBU (Smash Ultimate)

Super Kirby Clash

Super Mario Party


For Xbox, all Xbox Game Pass games are available

What are the available software programs?

Alienware Command Center

Bakkes Mod


Bluetooth Access


Display Settings Access

ESEA Client

FaceIT Client

FaceIT Anti Cheat

Google Chrome

Logitech Gaming Hub

Lord of Mice Controller Overclocker

MOSS Ant-Cheat

Mouse Settings Access


NVIDIA Control Panel


Sound Settings Access


Can I be on the waitlist for the next available device?

Please join our Discord server and ask in the waitlist channel for details on the next availability. You can also check out our public Google calendar which shows our special hours, events, and reservations in detail.

Can I reserve the lounge (club, staff, private events)?

Yes. Check out our public Google calendar which shows our special hours, events, and reservations. Fill out the Reservation Request form with your event details.

I forgot/lost my item in the lounge, what should I do?

Check our Discord’s lost and found channel. If a posted item is yours please message in the ask staff channel to coordinate a pick-up.

Can I bring food and/or drinks?

No food is allowed and only drinks with secure caps or lids are allowed

Who should I contact for additional help/questions?

Ask staff anything in our Discord server or contact Austin Espinoza, Esports Coordinator

Email: austin.espinoza@austin.utexas.edu
Discord: AceEspy#8181
Cell: 512-688-0992

Hardware List

  • 10 PC (Alienware Aurora R13)
    • 12th Gen Intel Core i9 12900KF
    • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24GB
    • 32GB DDR5 RAM
    • 512GB NVMe M.2
    • 1TB 7200 RPM
    • Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor - AW2521H, G-sync, 360Hz, 1ms
    • Dell Gaming Monitor - AW2523HF
    • Alienware Tri-Mode Wireless Gaming Headset - AW920H, AW720H
    • Alienware Tri-Mode Wireless Gaming Mouse - AW720M
    • Alienware 510K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • 2 gaming laptops (Alienware x17 R2)
    • 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700H
    • 16GB RAM
    • 360Hz Display
    • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU
  • 1 Xbox (Xbox Series-S)
    • 6 Xbox Wireless Controllers 

University Unions
2308 Whitis Ave
Austin, TX 78712







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