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The Texas Union

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Student Activity Center

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Supplementary Charges (Before & After Hours Rates)

The University Union's funding allows the operation at staffing levels that vary depending on the day of the week. Certain requests for events may necessitate additional staffing resources and require associated labor charges. Occasions may include events that:

  • Occur early morning hours
  • Occur Monday mornings
  • Require quick reset of large capacity rooms
  • Occur outside of regular business hours

Room requests that require an early opening or extends hours require special approval. Additional charges will be assessed based on cost of building operation and staffing. Clients have the opportunity to discuss charges with University Union’s staff prior to event confirmation.

Requests for event support outside of normal business hours may vary in cost from $150-$300 per hour during regular weekday schedules. Weekend and intercession requests for event support outside of normal business hours are billed at $300 per hour.

Policies for Student Activity Center & Texas Union

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SAC Policies and Procedures

View and download general policies and guidelines pertaining to usage of the Student Activity Center. Updated 01/11/2019

Texas Union Event Policies

Please note the use of the Texas Union is also governed by a number of other University policies, procedures and practices that may effect your reservation. Please consult with Texas Union Hospitality Services should you have questions.

  1. To ensure that your event is successful, requests for events in the Shirley Bird Perry Ballroom, Texas Union Theater, Santa Rita Suite and the Quadrangle Room require a pre-event meeting with a Hospitality Event Manager.
  2. The Texas Union is a popular location for all-day events, including meetings and conferences. To maximize usage of the space, weekly meetings in the Sinclair Suite, Governors' Room, Eastwoods Room, and the T-House Suite may not begin until 6 PM.
  3. After 6 PM, the T-House Suite is strictly reserved for use as a dance rehearsal, yoga space, meditation space and other non-traditional meetings. No other room in the Texas Union may be reserved for these purposes.
  4. Late cancellations, late reservation requests, and "no-shows" in certain University Unions rooms will result in substantial fines. Smaller rooms will incur lesser fines. For more information please visit Cancellations, No Shows, & Rain Sites
  5. All catering in the Texas Union is provided by Aramark.  Student Organizations may serve pre-approved non-perishable food items (chips, crackers, candy, baked goods) and pizza by submitting a Texas Union Food Waiver. Department events are not allowed to use this Waiver. Student Organization events exceeding 100 attendees will incur a cleaning fee. Departments must order pizza through Texas Union Hospitality.
  6. The Santa Rita Suite and the T-House Suite have mandatory catering minimums: Santa Rita Suite - $250 (RSOs), $500 (departments) & T-House Suite - $150 (RSOs), $300 (departments)
  7. Staff will determine appropriate sound levels. Amplified music (including musical instruments/equipment) is not allowed in Eastwoods Room, Texas Governors' Room, and Sinclair Suite.
  8. Texas Union staff must approve placement of promotional materials outside of meeting rooms.
  9. Please refrain from the following in the Texas Union:
  • Taping flyers, notices or decorations to restricted surfaces
  • Use of aerosols, glitter and confetti
  • Switching reservations with another group
  • Painting or constructing anything inside the building
  • Moving any furnishings inside the Texas Governor’s Room, Sinclair Suite, African-American Culture Room or Boardroom