Thank you for your interest in providing food truck services for the University of Texas campus.

Please read through this checklist and familiarize yourself with the process of becoming an approved food truck vendor.

ONLY University Unions approved food trucks (in coordination with PTS and EHS) may operate on UT campus.

Vendor Instructions

Please review the important information below and if you have any questions contact University Unions at

4. Gather appropriate documentation

  • Proof of Professional Liability insurance (with UT named as additional insured)
  • Photos of food truck

5. Submit the completed application, appropriate documentation, and fee

Mailing address:
The University of Texas at Austin
University Unions
P.O. Box 7338
Austin, TX 78713

Phone: (512) 475-6600
Fax: (512) 475-6599

Walk-in Location:
Texas Union Building
2308 Whitis Avenue
Room 4.124
Austin, TX


6. University Unions will submit your application for approval to the following departments:

You will be notified when this process is complete and you have been added to the Approved Food Truck Vendor list.

  • Upon approval, you will be placed in the weekly rotation of trucks to be assigned to the two (2) designated Speedway Mall Pedestrian Walkway locations.
  • University Unions will coordinate with your availability and give you advance notice of your scheduled date(s).
  • You will also be placed on the list of food trucks available for UT Departmental/Registered Student Organization special events.