Where is the Cactus Cafe?

The Cactus Cafe & Bar address is located at 2308 Whitis Avenue. We are across the street from the University Co-op in the southwest corner of the Texas Union. The Texas Union is at the corner of 24th and Guadalupe, on the University of Texas campus. Entrance is through the main West Mall Lobby, turn left past the Union Coffee House and look for entrance straight ahead.

Can minors attend performances?

Yes! The Cactus is an All Ages venue, so bring the whole family!

How do I get there? Where Can I Park?

The Cactus Cafe is easily accessible using Capital Metro north & southbound routes including the 1, 801, 803 and various others. Please consult their website for times, fares and stops.

If you are taking a cab or a ride-sharing service the closest & safest intersection to be dropped off is the east side of 24th & Guadalupe. That will leave you on the north side of the Union. Enter the Union and walk south and take a right at the Union Coffee House. The Cactus is in the southwest corner of the Texas Union.

Parking: Parking on campus is by permit only.

Parking on the University of Texas campus is restricted for those with a UT Parking Pass. When attending shows at the Cactus we suggest using one of the parking garages that are conveniently located across Guadalupe from the Cactus. These include the UT Co-op garage at 2214 San Antonio Street or the San Antonio garage at 2420 San Antonio Street. Please see posted signs for garage parking rates.

ADA accessible parking is available in front of Hogg Auditorium with proper permits only. There is a limited amount of metered parking on campus so please make sure to read all signs.

All other Campus Parking is permit-only (except in metered and designated areas). Additional street and metered parking is available on Guadalupe for a fee.

Can I host a private event or special event at the Cactus?

Yes! Please contact us at cactuscafe@utexas.edu to check on availability for your upcoming event.

Does the Cactus Cafe serve food?

A variety of catering options are available for special events.

What is the Cactus camera, video recording policy?

You can use your phone or camera to take photos, but please NO FLASH photography, it is very disruptive to the artists. Filming for personal use or social media is generally acceptable, but it is up to the artist’s discretion. We are part of the University of Texas and we must adhere to their filming policy which you can find here.

Does the Cactus have an ATM?

Yes, there is an ATM inside the Union building just east of the Cactus in the main lobby of the Union near the building help desk.