2022 - 2023 Members of the Board

  • Cade Young, Chair
  • Isabel Hsiao
  • Felipe Rocha
  • Steven Garza
  • Leland Murphy
  • Olivia Green
  • Dr. Brian Roberts
  • Dr. Courtney Byrd
  • Dr. William Wolesensky
  • Dr. Celena Mondie-Milner
  • Mulu Ferede

2023 Spring Election for Leadership Positions

University Unions Board of Directors has three (3) elected positions - Campus E+E President and two (2) At-Large Representatives.

All qualified students are invited to file for our three (3) leadership positions. The nomination forms will be available online in January 2023.

Candidates are invited to attend an upcoming Board of Directors' meeting. This will allow the candidates to observe how the Board functions and to meet with current members, comprised of students, faculty, and staff.

Duties of the Board Members

  • Recommend rules, regulations, and procedures regarding the operation and use of the Unions' facilities;
  • Approve the E+E budget, appointments of E+E officers, all changes in the E+E by-laws and the addition or deletion of any E+E committee;
  • Advise the President, through the Vice President, on the selection of the University Unions Executive Director;
  • Be involved in the future development of the University Unions.

Actions of the Board are subject to the approval of the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Composition of the Board

The University Unions Board of Directors is composed of:

  • Three faculty members appointed by the UT President;
  • Student Government president;
  • Two students elected at large for one-year terms;
  • Two students appointed by the SG president to serve two-year overlapping terms; and
  • Campus Events + Entertainment president, who is elected at large for a one-year term.

Non-voting members are the designee of the Vice President for Student Affairs and the University Unions Executive Director.

The Board of Directors' Room in the Texas Union Building.