Texas Union Space

The University Unions' Texas Union serves to meet your meeting and event needs. As of Spring 2011, we have added the Student Activities Center to our portfolio. The two buildings are quite different - one is traditional elegance, the other modern grace; both are wonderful examples of how beauty and functionality come together in great architecture - something we are generally privileged to be surrounded by on this campus.

University affiliated departments and organizations can reserve space in either building. Non-university affiliated groups (special use) may only use the Texas Union.

Registered student and staff organizations as well as departments utilize our buildings for a variety of events: from weekly meetings, banquets, special lectures, film screenings, to cultural celebrations.

Catering at the Texas Union is provided by University Unions Catering.

Catering at the Student Activity Center is open to several approved caterers including University Unions Catering.

The Student Activity Center has a black box theatre. Both buildings feature theaters and ballrooms.