Film Permissions

Showing a film or video

All films and videos shown in the Texas Union must:

  • Have proof of permission from the individuals who have rights to the film at least 2 weeks prior to showing the film.
  • For more information about obtaining right to films, please refer to or

If you are interested in showing a movie at the Texas Union, please call the Hospitality Department at 512/475-6677 and speak with a full time staff person.


Filming, videoing or photographing in the Texas Union

Commercial filming is not allowed in the Texas Union unless an agreement and contract process has been completed with The Office of Public Affairs.

Students may film or take pictures in the Texas Union for a student project if they have met with a full time Hospitality Staff member to discuss the nature of it, meet the criteria on the Request for Filming/Video Recording/Photography Permission form and sign the permission form, thereby agreeing to the contents there.