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Part-time Employment at University Unions

Part-time Employment Application Process

University Unions provides job opportunities and training for approximately one hundred part-time employees in customer service, retail, food service, clerical, and technical positions. We hire throughout the year but fill most openings in the weeks before the beginning of each semester.

Most part-time positions at University Unions have student status as a requirement.

University Unions has moved the application process to online.  Please apply to our available part-time positions via Handshake.

Additional food service positions may be available with University Unions Dining Services, managed by Aramark. To apply for a position with Union Dining Services, drop by the Aramark office located inside Quizno's on the second level of The Texas Union 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, or call 475-6500 for more information.

University Unions at The University of Texas at Austin is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.


UNB Building Monitor

Hiring Department: University Unions
Date Available: Fall 2020
Pay Rate: $11.00/hr

Job Description:
The primary role of the Building Monitor is to maintain building security, ensure University Unions policies and procedures are implemented correctly, and assist staff in providing services to students, faculty, and guests in a professional and friendly manner. This position requires effective communication and problem-solving skills, high attention to detail, excellent time management, and a strong work ethic. Building Monitors are responsible for ensuring all patrons of the Texas Union have a positive experience while meeting our Texas Union Guest Policies.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Escort nightly deposits.
• Contribute to a shift report.
• Assist Hospitality desk workers with their routines and aid Housekeeping and A/V staff when needed for events and day to day operations, such as the tear down of A/V equipment after events.
• Provide access to event spaces for patrons with event reservations, monitor scheduled events, and take attendance for each.
• Conduct regular checks of the building spaces to ensure events are going smoothly and all policies are adhered.
• Ensure building equipment in the Texas Union and Hogg Auditorium is operating correctly through software and manual inspections, submitting work orders to fix problems.
• Keep reserved rooms secure when not in use.
• Conduct periodic ID checks of individuals and groups in the building and report suspicious activity.
• Respond quickly to emergencies and provide assistance as needed by patrons or first responders.
• Open and close the Texas Union Building.
• Complete administrative tasks as required.
• Enforce all University of Texas and Texas Union policies relating to COVID-19. This may include: enforcing social distance requirements, ensuring all patrons enter with a face covering, and complying with all policies and guidelines as written.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Interact with guests and coworkers in a professional and respectable manner.
• Demonstrate responsive and clear communication skills with regard to speaking, emails, phone calls, and text messages.
• Prior employment/experience in a supervisory or managerial position.
• Demonstrated ability to manage time and multiple tasks efficiently while providing quality results.
• Approachable and friendly personality, ability to work well with others as a team, and solve problems on their own.

• Be a current student at The University of Texas at Austin or other college/university and be registered for at least six (6) credit hours.

This job posting is open until filled and may close at any time without notice. We have quite a few positions to fill, so we encourage you to apply.


Usher- Hogg Memorial Auditorium

Hiring Department: Hogg Auditorium
Hours: Work schedule depends on the events scheduled in Hogg Auditorium and varies weekly; shifts can range from late mornings to evenings.
Date Available: Fall 2020
Pay Rate: $9.00/hr

Job Description:
Ushers serve as front-of-house staff for Hogg Memorial Auditorium. The position is responsible for providing exemplary customer service, following safety procedures and caring for the facility during Registered Student Organization (RSO) and department events.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Ensure the safety and enjoyment of our guests.
• Attend to the needs of guests in a friendly and welcoming manner.
• Work with and take direction from our Front of House Managers and Event Managers.
• Act upon all comments/complaints in a prompt and friendly manner.
• Direct/escort guests to their seats.
• Ushers must understand the layout of the venue and area that they are assigned to.
• Answer guest questions regarding Hogg and surrounding area of campus.
• Assist in the resolution of ticket and seating problems.
• Assist Front of House Managers during late seating holds.
• Actively participate in the emergency evacuation of the theater, if necessary.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Excellent customer service skills.
• Friendly, personable, and professional demeanor.
• A team player; ability to work well with persons from diverse backgrounds.
• Ability to work well under pressure.
• Interest in and enthusiasm for event management.
• Ushers are expected to stand for long periods of time.
• Ushers are expected to climb up and down stairs.
• Ushers are expected to lift and move up to 10 pounds.
• Ushers are expected to work in a dimly lit environment.
• Regular and punctual attendance.
• Ability to work late night shifts, weekends, and commencement functions.

• Be a current student at The University of Texas at Austin or other college/university and be registered for at least six (6) credit hours.
• In addition to the application packet, please submit a resume with all co-curricular involvement and work experience.