Awards and Scholarships

William Andrew Smith, Jr. Grasp Award

The University Unions Advisory Council adopted a special project in honor of the 75th Anniversary.  The Grants for Active Student Participants (GRasp) endowment was created in 2006 through the generosity of the members and in 2013 renamed the William Andrew Smith, Jr. Grasp Award.  The purpose of this award is to encourage and facilitate continued participation, particularly by freshman and sophomore students, in University Unions committees and programs by providing stipends to students who have demonstrated leadership qualities, an enthusiasm for campus citizenship, and solid academic performance.

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The Shirley Bird Perry Leadership and C.C. "Jitter" Nolen Spirit Awards

Established in 1980 and 1961, respectively, as ways of recognizing and supporting the students who give their efforts and energies to improve campus life at The University of Texas at Austin, these annual monetary awards are sponsored by the Texas Union Advisory Council. Both awards are available to current and active members of Campus Events + Entertainment. 

Criteria for the awards are as follows:

Shirley Bird Perry Leadership Award ($5,000)

Named after one of the Texas Union’s most exemplary staff members, this award was established in 1980 as a way of recognizing and supporting students who give their efforts and energies in support of campus life at The University of Texas at Austin through active participation in the programming board. Current and active members of Campus Events + Entertainment are eligible for this award, provided they also are in good standing with the University, have not won the award in previous years, currently maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and are full-time students. 

C.C. "Jitter" Nolen Spirit Award ($500)

The Jitter Nolen Spirit Award recognizes an Campus Events + Entertainment (E+E) member who has encouraged, inspired, and supported E+E and its committees, through his or her active participation in and implementation of its events and overall mission. This person exemplifies the sense of volunteerism, community, commitment and creativity and involvement that the E+E strives to infuse throughout the organization.

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