E+E Advisors & Staff

Events + Entertainment Advisors & Staff

Jennifer Zamora

Jennifer Zamora: Director of Student Programs

Bachelor of Science, Education, Texas A&M University
Master of Science, Higher Education, Indiana University
Advises: E+E Cabinet and Executive Team

NOW HIRING: Assistant Director of Student Programs

Advises: Events CoSponsorship Board, Student Endowed Centennial Lectureship, Texas Cowboys Lectureship, Texas Traditions

Dylan Smith

Dylan Smith: Senior Student Affairs Administrator

Bachelor of Arts, English, Lehigh University
Master of Science, Higher Education and Student Affairs, Florida State University
Advises: Creative Arts + Theatre, Headliners, Recreation, Showtime

Ruben Mercado

Ruben Mercado: Student Programs Advisor

Bachelor of Arts, English, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Master of Education, Student Affairs in Higher Education, Texas State University
Advises: African American Culture, Asian American Culture, Distinguished Speakers, Freshman Leaders in Progress, Mexican American Culture

Bill Welford

Bill Welford: Administrative Associate

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, The University of Southern Mississippi
Master of Science, Chemistry, The University of Mississippi

Naomi Fainchtein

Naomi Fainchtein: Graduate Assistant

Bachelor of Science, Broadcast Journalism, Northwestern University
Bachelor of Arts, Asian/Middle Eastern History, Northwestern University
Advises: Events CoSponsorship Board, Freshman Leaders in Progress