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President: Zenith Jahid '24

Major: MIS
Hometown: Austin, TX
Favorite E+E Event: Start Up Crawl

Vice Presidents

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Budgets & Assessment: Annie Wong '25

Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Plano, TX

Favorite E+E Event: Avatar the Last Airbender

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Logistics: Ethan Luong '25

Major: Advertising

Hometown: Houston, TX

Favorite E+E Event: Miyazaki Festival

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Membership: Daniella Rodriguez '24

Major: Chemistry

Hometown: San Antonio, TX

Favorite E+E Event: Dia de los Ninos

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Publicity: Stephanie Diep '24

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Round Rock, TX

Favorite E+E Event: Silent Disco

Committee Chairs

Ancestral Appreciation and Culture: Kevin Nguyen '26

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Pflugerville, TX
Favorite E+E Event: CultivAsian

Creative Arts + Theatre: Sara Acuna Olguin '25

Major: Journalism
Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite E+E Event: Madrigal Dinner

Culture Shock: Kylan Duncan '25

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Houston, TX
Favorite E+E Event: CultureShock

Distinguished Speakers: Prerna Agarwal '24

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Bangalore, India
Favorite E+E Event: Start Up Crawl

Events CoSponsorship Board: TBD

Headliners: Kristal Guerrero '26

Major: Economics
Hometown: Port Lavaca, TX
Favorite E+E Event: Forty Acres Fest

MACC: Stefania Alarcon '25

Major: Radio, Television, and Film
Hometown: Del Rio, TX
Favorite E+E Event: Quinceñera

Recreation: Abraham Rodriguez '24

Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Edinburg, TX
Favorite E+E Event: Pokepalooza

Showtime: Reo Lee '25

Major: Journalism
Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
Favorite E+E Event: Mean Girls

Texas Traditions: Sam Frank '26

Major: Linguistics and Geography
Hometown: Sunnyvale, TX
Favorite E+E Event: Dia de los Ninos

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E+E Officers 2023-2024

E+E Officers handle budget, publicity, logistics, membership, campus outreach and more.

Interested in holding a leadership position in E+E? Executive Cabinet applications are available in February and officer applications are available in March/April based on individual committee timelines. Come to any of our committee meetings to learn more!

Students displaying school spirit

Freshman Leaders in Progress (FL!P)

Freshman Leaders in Progress FL!P is one of the ways students can find a unique community here on campus to grow by learning from experiences within an E+E committee, upperclass mentors and peers.

Participants utilize the support, guidance and mentorship of FL!P to help find success in college through involvement with UT's largest student programming board, Campus Events + Entertainment. Every FL!Pster is also part of one of E+E's committees; there are ten to choose from. This small group of 20 students utilizes weekly meetings alongside experiences within their E+E committee to not only develop leadership skills and create friendships but also learn more about academic integrity, decision-making and UT spirit and traditions.

FLIP meets every Thursday during the fall semester from 6:00pm - 7:00pm in the Board of Director's Room in the Texas Union.