Poster Approval

The Texas Union has two bulletin boards where UT registered student organizations and University departments may post flyers and/or handbills for their events:

  • Location #1 is on the second floor next to the North elevator (across from the Chick-Fil-A)
  • Location #2 is on the north end of the fourth floor between the rest room and the elevator.

In order to post an advertisement, you must first get it approved and stamped by the Student Programs office (UNB 4.312). Only UT registered student organizations and departments may post advertisements. The posters may not contain any inappropriate material or profanity, and the name of the organization or department must be clearly visible on the advertisement. Flyers will remain hung on the bulletin boards until the event is over, and then will be promptly removed.

Any poster placed on the bulletin boards without approval, or hung elsewhere in the building, will be removed and thrown away without notice, even if posted by a UT registered student organization or university department.

Use the form below to contact us with any questions regarding poster approval at the Texas Union: