Membership (ECB)

ECB is not currently accepting new member applications for the 2015-16 academic year.



The Events CoSponsorship Board is limited to nine (9) voting members composed of the following:

  • 1 Chairperson who has previously served as an ECB member
  • 8 Individuals representing the student body

Membership Qualifications

All voting members of the Board must be registered students with The University of Texas at Austin in good standing.  Undergraduates and graduate students must have a course load that qualifies them as full time students.

Selection of Members

  • Recruitment is usually once per year during the middle of the Spring semester
  • The new member process includes an application and interview
  • ECB holds two spaces annually specifically for members of FL!P

Member Roles

Voting Member

  • Members ask questions of presenting organizations that serve to clarify or assist in the decision-making process.  During deliberations, members share their opinions and a vote is then taken.

Contact Person

  • Each organization that ECB awards funding to is assigned a contact person from the Board. The number of organizations per member varies according to how many groups receive funding. The contact person is responsible for:

-Working with the organization to ensure the program is successful
-Explaining what ECB has funded and its stipulations
-Processing related paperwork
-Reporting back to the Board about the status of events

Officer Role

  • Each member of ECB also has a tertiary role.